About us

We offer specialised investment solutions tailored to you.
About us

Our essence

At Creand Wealth & Securities, we offer an exclusive, personalised and professional service.

We are specialists

We offer tailor-made solutions

We specialise in financial services for professionals, institutions, and family offices, as well as high-net-worth private investors. We offer personalised in-house solutions in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of all kinds of funds and unregulated structures. We also offer wealth management and portfolio management services.

Our service

Experience and exclusivity

Since 2010 and under the supervision of the CSSF, we offer our professional and institutional clients a highly qualified planning and structuring service, which together with our depository banking and fund administration services allows us to be the only small bank in the Luxembourg market to offer all these services. We also offer an exclusive wealth management service, discretionary portfolio management and the possibility to provide Lombard loans.

With total flexibility

We build a solution for each client

Our partners and clients choose us because we are flexible, we know how to understand their needs and we adapt to their demands, helping to design the best possible solution for their circumstances and for those of their investors and projects. The differential element of having in-house custodian banking and fund administration services within a small structure gives us a competitive edge. It means we can eliminate many intermediate decision-making processes, allowing us to take decisions quickly and efficiently. From a wealth management perspective, we manage your investments on an individual and highly personalised basis.

Luxembourg, a leading financial centre

The financial hub of the euro zone.

Luxembourg is one of the founding members of the European Union, and it holds the highest economics ratings (i.e., S&P AAA). It is currently the leading financial centre in the euro zone and the second largest in the investment fund industry behind the US. The Luxembourg financial centre is pioneer in adapting EU directives for collective investment undertakings (UCITS) and AIFMD.

Luxembourg has a stable legal and fiscal framework thanks to the country’s economic, social and political stability. This regulatory and fiscal framework allows for double taxation treaties with almost 100 countries around the world, enabling us to take full advantage of all the benefits provided by these agreements.

All these characteristics, together with compliance with all transparency standards set by the OECD, mean that the financial centre enjoys an innovative framework for all types of financial structures and investment vehicles, for both institutional investors and family office alike.

Creand Wealth & Securities Luxembourg

The robustness of a large group

We are endorsed by over 65 years of experience in financial services.

Creand Wealth & Securities forms part of the international Creand Group, founded in 1950, a benchmark in the international financial system and a market leader in Andorra.

This country has grown and prospered thanks to a favourable legal framework and a stable financial system, which has adopted the financial standards issued by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) on money laundering prevention and commercial practices.

With over 65 years of experience in retail, corporate and private banking, Creand Group has a presence in Europe (Andorra, Spain and Luxembourg) and in America (Miami and Panama).

Awards received by Creand Group

TB Bank of the Year 2023 Winner Logos 1 OUTLINED Andorra

The Banker magazine of the Financial Times group recognises Creand Crèdit Andorrà as Andorra’s Bank of the Year in 2023. The award is given for leadership, good business development, innovation and added value for customers.

8764039 PWM GPBA Winnerslogo 2022 Winners25

The publications Professional Wealth Management and The Banker (Financial Times group) have awarded Creand Crèdit Andorrà the prize for the Best Private Bank in Andorra 2022 for its growth strategy and its ability to expand its range of investment products.


We let our actions speak for ourselves.

We pride ourselves on the talent and skills of our team members. Creand Wealth & Securities has specialists with extensive experience in a wide variety of fields, from planning and structuring to custody and administration of all types of structures.

A committed banking model

As part of a large financial group, we are defined by our social responsibility actions.


Committed to the future

Creamd Group is a signatory to the Global Compact and the UNEP FI, and it incorporates the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into its CSR strategy.


Committed to ethics and transparency 

Corporate governance is one of the cornerstones of the Group’s strategy, which we are constantly reinforcing in line with international best practices.


Committed to people

A large team of professionals, with a presence in the main financial centres in Spain, Europe and America.


Committed to the environment

Protecting and caring for the environment is an integral part of our Group’s concern for the well-being of future generations

Logo ENG V

Committed to knowledge

We believe that the generation of value goes beyond business to contribute to the generation of wealth for society as a whole.


Committed to culture

The Creand Art Collection, created in 1989, includes a remarkable collection of Catalan paintings from the 19th to the 20th century and domestic Catalan clocks from the 18th century.

Corporate information

André Roelants

Francesc Xavier Cornella
Vice Chair

Jean-Pascal Nepper

Geoffroy Bazin

Carlos Fernández-Rubies

Esteban Jorge Estevez

Dominique Valschaerts

Diana Diels

Carlos Fernández-Rubíes

Josep Arseni Ramoneda

The Bank has established robust internal governance agreements, which include a clear organisational structure with well-defined, transparent and consistent lines of responsibility and effective processes to identify, manage, monitor and report risks to which it is or may be exposed. It also has adequate control mechanisms, including sound administrative and accounting procedures, as well as remuneration policies and practices which are consistent and promote robust and effective risk management.