Our know how

Professionals in custodian, fund administration and wealth structuring services.
Our know how

What sets us apart

At Creand Wealth & Securities, we are specialists in financial services aimed at professionals in the investment fund industry who are looking for custodian and fund administration support in funds and unregulated structures.

Unlike our competitors in our financial centre, we do not need to be a large bank to provide services with a high level of specialisation. In fact, our small size offers a competitive edge that enables us to take on projects in an agile and efficient manner, avoiding delays in decision-making, thanks to the experience of our teams and the absence of endless levels of deliberation.

We also have a wealth management team tailored to the individual needs of our clients, to guide them through the preliminary wealth planning phase.

At Creand Wealth & Securities, we offer international, specialised and flexible solutions with open architecture.


Luxembourg, a leading financial centre

The financial hub of the euro zone.

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Creand Wealth & Securities Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the founding members of the European Union, and it holds the highest economics ratings (i.e., S&P AAA).

It is currently the leading financial centre in the euro zone and the second largest in the investment fund industry behind the US.

The Luxembourg financial centre is pioneer in adapting EU directives for collective investment undertakings (UCITS) and AIFMD.

Luxembourg has a stable legal and fiscal framework thanks to the country’s economic, social and political stability. This regulatory and fiscal framework allows for double taxation treaties with almost 100 countries around the world, enabling us to take full advantage of all the benefits provided by these agreements.

All these characteristics, together with compliance with all transparency standards set by the OECD, mean that the financial centre enjoys an innovative framework for all types of financial structures and investment vehicles, for both institutional investors and family office alike.

Investment experts

We specialise in financial services for professionals in the investment fund industry and tailor-made wealth management solutions.

Regulated Funds

Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities regulated under Luxembourg law (UCITS), Specialised Investment Funds (SIFs), Sociétés d’investissement à Capital Variable (SICAVs), Sociétés d’investiment en Capital à Risque (SICARs).

Unregulated structures

Reserved Alternative Investment Funds (RAIFs), Partnerships limited by shares (SCAs), Sociétés de Patrimoine Familiale (SPFs), Sociétés de Participations Financiers (SOPARFIs), etc. We are particularly efficient in those with underlying private equity (PE), real estate (RE), infrastructure, alternative strategies and financial assets.

Wealth management and discretionary portfolio management

Flexible, tailored and high added value.

Lombard loans

As a supplementary offering to all our activities.

Our differential model

A model based not only on what we do, but on how we do it.

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Professional and specialised

At Creand Wealth & Securities, we are specialists in structuring, custody, fund administration and wealth planning, helping you in the search for investment vehicles and financial planning solutions.

Our services offer responds to the needs of predominantly professional and institutional clients, covering all types of funds and regulated and unregulated structures.

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We offer the best solutions on the market, working on the planning, implementation and monitoring of structures in all areas.

Our custodian banking and fund management services have top-level professionals to ensure the implementation and monitoring of structures in all their aspects.

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Precision, dedication and flexibility

Every client is unique, and so are their needs. We do not industrialise services or products. We help our partners and clients to plan, organise and implement their structures without any more limitations than those imposed by the Regulator, relying on the best legal services available.

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Multidisciplinary service

We are the only bank of our size in Luxembourg that integrates a wealth management unit specialising in planning and structuring, a custodian banking service and a fund administration service into its range of services, all with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.