Specialised solutions

Great results come from a passion for the small details.
Specialised Solutions

A solution for every partner and client

Experience, specialisation and flexibility.

Our service meets the needs of a demanding and highly qualified professional or institutional partner. We establish a relationship of trust and shared interests and benefits with our partners and clients, generating solutions together.


Family Office

We focus on providing FOs with the right tools to manage their clients’ financial and non-financial assets. The basis of our experience is investment funds and unregulated structures. We are specialists in international structuring, achieving the perfect balance between adaptation to the different jurisdictions involved and tax suitability for investors.

Alternative Investment Fund Managers

We are a leading partner for AIFMs who wish to have custodian and fund administration services for their investment funds/RAIFs.


Law firms

We offer individualised services to meet the needs of their clients, regardless of the geographical area in which they may be based.

Foundations and institutions

We collaborate with a wide range of institutions, helping them to achieve their social and foundational objectives in the financial sphere.


Financial institutions

We provide tailor-made services to other institutions and we establish relationships with financial partners in their various geographies.

Individual investors

We offer a high-level financial service to high-net-worth individuals and family groups, enabling them to achieve their financial objectives.


Solutions that cover all your needs

We bring you the value of our expert team’s knowledge and insights.


Planning and structuring

We offer our extensive experience and high level of expertise on all regulated and unregulated structures covered by local legislation.

We structure funds for asset managers, financial advisers, and family office clients worldwide.

Creand Wealth & Securities is recognised in the Luxembourg fund industry for its high degree of professionalism in dealing with complex projects and for its ability to integrate —in a single entity— planning, implementation, and monitoring of projects in all areas of activity except those which, due to conflict of interest, are not aligned with Luxembourg law.

In addition, our extensive network of partners and external collaborators allows us to cover the entire process of launching and monitoring a regulated or unregulated structure.


Custodian Bank

We offer all the services inherent in a global custodian bank

As a custodian bank, our overall mission is the custody of assets, the proper accounting and monitoring of financial flows and a control function.

Custodian services

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  • Safekeeping and verification of documentation and assets
  • Ownership registration and maintenance of comprehensive asset registers
  • Adequate accounting and monitoring of financial flows
  • Segregation of internal accounts and network of sub-accounts
  • Oversight and due diligence of fund service providers
  • Operational and administrative support in the issuance of private bonds
  • Payment agent function
  • Supervision of the network of correspondent banks and sub-centres used for the custodian activity
  • Carrying out all operations relating to the day-to-day administration of the assets
  • Executing management instructions to the underlying fund managers of the funds of funds
  • Responsibility for the settlement of transactions in the markets, both securities and cash
  • Collection of dividends, interest, and securities due and exercise of rights under “opération sur titres” (OST)
  • Payment of invoices to investment funds
  • Accounting of repurchase and subscription orders
  • Management of investment fund accounts with different custodians

Fund Administration

We work with the utmost precision in the services inherent to the funds administration.

Our activity includes the set-up, central administration, and domiciliation for all investment funds under Luxembourg law.

Domiciliation services

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  • Provision of the registered office of Creand Wealth & Securities as the company’s head office
  • Correspondence management
  • Organisation of the meetings of the Boards of Directors and the general shareholders’ meetings
  • Relations with third-party service providers, authorities and administrations
  • Regulatory oversight
Fund Accounting services

It produces the financial accounts or statements and periodically submits the information requested by the supervisory authorities, including:

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  • Periodic calculation of NAVs
  • Daily pricing, as well as the creation and maintenance of data
  • Preparation of all financial reports required by the authorities
  • Calculation of the subscription fee
  • Periodic accounting of domiciled companies
  • Preparation of the financial reports of domiciled companies
  • Monitoring of annual accounting audits of undertakings for collective investment (UCI) and of the domiciled companies

Transfer Agent services

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  • AML/KYC review in the case of new investors
  • Maintenance of the register of shareholders
  • Payment and receipt of cash in the case of repurchases/subscriptions
  • Submission of the various reports (contract notes, investor statements, audit confirmation, etc.).
  • Review of prospectuses in the case of events (creation of funds or units, corporate actions).
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Wealth management

We take a two-pronged approach to our Wealth Management service:

We act as a trusted partner for financial industry professionals (FSPs). We help private investors in the planning, structuring, management and monitoring of their financial and non-financial assets.

To do this, we combine different levels of service —reception and transmission of orders (RTOs), discretionary portfolio management, Lombard loans, market desk activities and global wealth planning— for those investors who, due to their complexity, require a professional external adviser for all of their wealth.