Whistleblower channel

As per Luxembourg law of May 16, 2023, that transposes the EU 2019/1937 Directive on whistleblowers protection, you can report securely and confidentially by clicking on the following link any acts or omissions committed by the Bank regarding:

  • Illegal activities,
  • Unusual or non-transparent activities
  • Misconduct,
  • Violations of the Bank’s internal rules, procedures, policies, or guidelines
  • Violations of Luxembourg or EU legislation
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Is considered as a whistleblower as per the law of May 16, 2023:

  • all the Bank employees
  • former Bank employees,
  • candidates applying to a position at the Bank,
  • freelance workers,
  • shareholders, board members
  • interns
  • employees of contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers

Your report will be handled confidentially and securely by the Chief Compliance Officer or by the Chief Internal Auditor if your report relates to any Compliance team members.